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Sunday, September 2 - Labor Day Tea at Lone Tree Camp

Commodore Taylor White

Junior Commodore Ella Duncan
Photos by Lawrie & Bryan Firestone

Saturday, September 1 - Labor Day Race

The 121st Racing Season ended with another beautiful day with good winds. Nine Idems were on the line (two in fact were OVER the line early and had to turn back), five K's, two M's, and four O-Boats. The trophy winners today were Tom Conrad, Carter Timbel, Anne Van Ingen, and Dan Goddard.

Photos by Caroline Rupp

Thursday, August 30

Final day of the 2018 August Series was another fine sailing day with plenty of good breezes. In the K's, the Timbels again took first, and in the M's Anne Van Ingen finished ahead of Tielman Van Vleck. The big upset was in the Idem class, where John Allen took first place, Garrett Schniewind was second, Michael Bird third, and Tom Conrad was fourth. However, no one is close to #29 in the series. Finally, Betsy Gentry won the O race today as well as the series.

Thank you, Season #121 Race Committee for a superb job!! Without you there would be no race!

M-20 start

Photos by Caroline Rupp

Electric Boat Race, August 27

The greatest spectator sport on the lakes...

The big boats race down Penfold Bay at top speed

Lew's Electrified Guideboat upgrade

Local pirates threaten spectators who haven't paid admission fee

All engines FULL-ASTERN was not the winning strategy

SRYC Treasurer caught moonlighting as Uber/Lyft Boat driver

Cookies & muffins for sale

Huge spectator fleet causes traffic jam on Penfold Bay

A regal wave from Queen Sheila, the Electric Boat winner! by Caroline Rupp & Sandy Trevor


Saturday, August 25

Wow, another great Adirondack sailing day. Some 15+mph gusts made it interesting. While there was plenty of wind, you had to watch out for calm areas, especially in the shifting lee of Birch Island and Reid Point.

If you have been following the Idem series, you will have noticed that Tom Conrad's #29 has the series locked up but the action is for second place, with John Allen, Ed Hoe, and Rich McGinn separated by only a point.

Similarly, in the K class series the Timbels look unbeatable, as does Betsy Gentry in the O class.

Photos by Caroline Rupp


Thursday, August 23

Perfect sailing day! Good, mostly steady breeze (with usual random direction changes, of course), cool temperatures - just a lovely day. Three K's, seven Idems, and two O-boats got to enjoy the race today. Vice Commodore Margot Timbel was first in the K class, Tom Conrad took first place in the Idem class followed by John Allen, and Sandy Trevor was first in the O class.

Photos by Caroline Rupp

Tuesday, August 21

Just enough wind to get to Goddard mark to qualify for twice around. Nine beautiful Idems raced, with Tom Conrad's Pulpit Rocket finishing a good 5 minutes ahead of Rich McGinn. No surprises in the K contest, with Ned Timbel taking first place, Dan Weld second, and Caitlyn Reid in third place.

All nine Idems at the start
Ned Timbel on the way to victory
Ed Hoe and Gina Reid battle it out for third & fourth place
Photos by Ellen Trevor

Trevor Trophy Race, Sunday, August 19

A nearly perfect day with medium and somewhat flukey winds pushing sixteen Sunfish once around the regular course in 72 minutes. Once again, starter George Earle set a nearly perfect handicap for the juniors, with junior Ella Duncan finishing 39 seconds after winner, Will Brown.

Fleet is off to try to catch Ella Duncan
Leaders take advantage of good breeze, with Will Brown gaining
Will Brown about to pass Ella Duncan on leg to the finish line

Handicap Race, Saturday, August 18

Seventeen yachts crowded the line for the start of the 2018 Handicap Race. O's started 16 minutes before the Idems, with the M's and K's starting 2 and 3 minutes after the Idems. Idems took the first four places, followed by an O (Betsy Gentry), two more Idems, and an M-20 (Anne Van Ingen). Tom Conrad was the winner.

Saturday night the O's held a Moonlight Race with 4 yachts participating; light winds and a quarter moon made for a great evening. Fletcher Fernau was first in #24, followed by Maggie Goddard in #4, Tielman Van Vleck in #22, and Nathaniel Brown in #19.

Thursday, August 16

Finally enough wind for twice around the course. Four K-6's sailed the course (twice) in a little over an hour and half, with Ned Courtemanche finishing in first place. Once again, Tom Conrad was the first Idem in the fleet of seven competitors, with Rich McGinn finishing only 44 seconds later. Interestingly, elapsed time for these two Idems was 3 minutes faster than the winning K-6. Another perennial winner, Betsy Goddard zoomed ahead in O-4 and grew her lead to almost 4 minutes at the finish, despite not setting a spinnaker, which O-19 and O-24 flew to no avail.

Photos by Caroline Rupp


Team Race, Tuesday, August 14

Three teams (Green, Pink, and Blue) competed in the always-fun Team Race. (In case you've forgotten, teams consist of one each Sunfish, Idem, M20/K6, and O-Boat. Team Captains decide which class will take each of the four legs of the course). Southwest winds were enough to get everyone around in an hour & quarter, but dead-calm times made it seem longer. Still, this is one of the most fun, low-key events of the SRYC season. Teams finished Green, Pink, Blue. Click here for team line up and finishing times.

Sunday, August 12

The 5th annual Good Hope Cup - a special K6 regatta open to anyone under the age of 25 - was sailed on Sunday under beautiful skies and a rare easterly. A modified course was set with multiple windward beats to Goddard. Competition was fierce with the lead changing hands throughout the afternoon, but it was Lizzy MacDougall and Hunt Cramer who crossed first with Mackenzie Timbel and Berkeley Rhoads in close second. Many thanks to all that came out and to the K6 fleet for supporting our next generation of skippers!

Saturday, August 11

Light and fluky winds. Good turn out, including 4 O-boats - some of which caught up with the Idems on the first leg. But race was abandoned due to lack of wind.

Thursday, August 9

A nice breeze and clearing skies - a beautiful day for racing on St. Regis. Three K's, 2 M's, seven Idems and two O's competed today. Ned Courtemanche won the K contest, and Anne Van Ingen got the gun in her M. Once again Tom Conrad was first in the Idem class. The O-Boats completed their first race of the season, with Dan Goddard taking the honors followed by Marco Bellin.

K and M start

Idems lined up for Hoe Buoy
Ned is ahead!

If you think that rock looks too close, you'd be right.

Tom's winning secret: Push harder - that's what makes the boat go! ................Photos by Ellen Trevor

Tuesday, August 7

Weather forecast for this afternoon was not optimistic, but after a brief but heavy shower at 2PM, and no electrical activity in sight, the race was on. Two K's and six Idems started under dark skies and a six or seven knot breeze - plenty to assure twice around for both classes. Vice Commodore Margot Timbel finished first in K-227 followed a few minutes later by Ned Courtemanche in K-223.

Tom Conrad got a early lead in I-29 and was able to pull further and further ahead, finishing under sunny skies more than six minutes ahead of second place finisher, Ed Hoe in I-22.

Photos by Caroline Rupp


August 4 & 5

Electrical activity in the area caused the Race Committee to call off the August 4th series race.

Sunday was a great day for the Sunfish race, with a mild varying wind that produced a very close race! Graham Duncan managed to stay in front of Margot Timbel to win by five seconds in a one-hour race. In another nail biter, Ella Duncan held off Ned Courtemanche, who was closing fast, to finish fourth.

August 2, 2018

First Race of the 2018 August Series

Shortened course for the Idems, twice around. Ks (just one) and Ms once around. One O-Boat sailed a partial course and went home. So we small boat sailors got to be spectators. Idems 29, 23 and 22 had already finished when these four beauties arrived.

25 got a fine uptick in breeze and overhauled 27 just before the line, after five pm. photo & text by MKT

July 28, 2018

Commodore's Races

The afternoon of the SRYC's 121st Annual Meeting found 10 yacht's coming to the starting line. Competitors and spectators alike were greeted by favorable SW winds and an Adirondack patented puffy cumulus cloud splattered blue sky.
2 K6s, 1 M-20, 5 Idems, and 2 O-Boats competed in what has become the Commodore's Regatta held on the afternoon of the Club's annual meeting.
After relatively steady 10 mile per hour winds the results were as follows:

The winner of the Marg Goddard Trophy going to the first place O-Boat #4 Betsy Gentry was gamely pursued by Graham Duncan in #24.

Rich McGinn skippering #27, separated from the pack crowding the committee boat end of the line, and rounded the first mark clearly in the lead. John Allen skippering #23, followed some of his own earlier encouragement during the Annual Meeting as Judge, "Do your 720. Spare all of us the anguish of a Protest Hearing." After the start #23 fouled #32. #23 did her 720 :)
#27 led the pack until after Goddard's mark when #32, skippered by Garrett Schniewind, took the lead. The last leg of the race to the finishing line was competitively fought resulting in #32 crossing comfortable ahead of the 2nd place Idem, and defending 2017 Cup holder John Allen, to win the Commodore's Cup 2018.
The Cup was first presented in 2007. The inaugural winner that year was #32, skippered by Nelson Crawford. A dozen years later the Cup returns to Pine Tree Point. Congratulations to Garrett, Susan, Edie, and to their mainsheet man, Nik Santagate.

The Ks bested the lone M with a contested race resulting in K6 #227, ably sailed by Margo and Ned Timble, crossing the finish line in 1st Place followed by Gillian and Taylor White on K6 #225.


June 15, 2018

Dear St. Regis Yacht Club Member,

Welcome to the 121st year of racing on our lakes! After a winter that seemed to never end, I believe we are all looking f orward to warmer weather and a steady breeze for our upcoming sailing season!

It is my pleasure to introduce the Raymond family, Anne and Rob, who are being proposed for membership. The Raymond's have spent many summers visiting our lake and have decided to make St. Regis their summer home! Please join me in welcoming them to our community.

The Annual Meeting of the St. Regis Yacht Club will be held on Saturday, July 28th at 10:00 am at Camp Wild Air. We hope to see many of you there!

The Labor Day Tea will be held at Lone Tree Camp on Sunday, September 2nd at 5:00 pm.


Each year, the Board of Governors meets to review our summer sailing season. In an effort to improve our sailing experience and maintain the vitality of our club, we decided to go straight to all of you for feedback on a variety of topics. The board has developed an online survey, and we encourage EVERYONE (seniors, juniors, skippers, crew, starters, and observers) to share their thoughts with us. Please take the survey by July 15th as we would like to share results at the annual meeting. It will only take a few minutes, and we want to hear from you! Please click on the link and take the survey:


July Races: The Commodores Cup and the Marg Goddard O Boat Race will be held on Saturday, July 28th at 2:00 pm. Please note, the earlier start time is to accommodate those who wish to attend the Adirondack Museum's Annual Gala held in Blue Mountain Lake.

August Series: Please check the calendar on our website: for a complete listing of all our summer races and activities.


There are no major rule changes this year.


Annual bills were sent in May. Please help us keep our records updated by letting us know about changes in your family or when a junior member reaches the age of sixteen and becomes a senior member. We value our members, but if you no longer wish to maintain your membership, you must resign in writing by email or regular mail to the address noted on your bill.


The Yacht Club awards our beautiful traveling trophies each year, and we hope the lucky winners have enjoyed displaying them! As steward, please be sure to return the trophy polished, engraved, and in excellent condition to Lone Tree Camp no later than Tuesday, August 28th.


Our starters are invaluable, and we need volunteers!! No experience needed! Our veterans will show you what to do. Our goal is to reach one volunteer per camp! Thank you to Mary Courtemanche, Mike Quennell, George Earle and all who have volunteered on the committee boat! Please contact Mary or Mike if you would like to enjoy an afternoon on the water and help start a race!


Lawrie Bird Firestone and Lily and David Allen-Hughes are at the helm of the sailing clinics. Clinics are open to members and their guests and will begin on Monday, July 23rd. If you have questions please email Lawrie at . Sign-up for Junior Yacht Club Sailing Clinics via this link:


The 2018 Directory is available on our website: User name and password are in the emailed version of this letter, or ask any officer. This year the directory will be printed with copies available at the annual meeting. Please make sure your listing is correct, and send any updates including: home address, email, phone number, and new birth announcements to our Secretary, Garrett Schniewind at


It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of Mrs. Jill Cathers, Mrs. Julia Harvey, Mrs. Elizabeth Hawkins, and my mother Mrs. Elizabeth Brooks Reid.

It has been an honor to serve as your commodore, and I look forward to seeing everyone this summer.


Gina Reid